What's the average lifespan of a garage door opener?
A: An average lifespan of 8 - 10 years can be expected, although there are operators out there which last as little a 5 years yet as long as 25 years (or more!). If your operator is getting old, consider replacing it with an up-to-date machine with all the latest safety features.

A Perfect Kitchen Recipe:
Avoid Pitfalls
How many kitchens have you been in that had one or more design flaws? If you start taking a serious look at all kitchens, incl xxxx uding your own, you will have a great sense of how the perfect kitchen should be designed. Contact the Moyer’s Construction office to start building your dream kitchen in your own home!

About Moyer’s Construction

Grandview Homes is a division of Moyer&srquo;s Construction is in, Virginville, Pennsylvania and has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. Thomas Moyer, founder of Moyer's Construction, has "built" Grandview Homes from the bottom up with his own hands and hands on experience as trim carpenter, framing carpenter and cabinetmaker. We also do extensive work in all the sournding areas such as Lehigh County, Berks County and Schuylkill County, Pa.

Couple that expertise with a skilled office staff to help you through the steps of any construction process and you can start to appreciate the care and concern Moyer’s Construction has for your dreams.

We are familiar with all phases of construction including architectural design and mechanical drafting. This prevents any gaps between architect, draftsmen, preparation or construction. We have personally designed all our new home models and are able to make any adjustments according to preference in floor plans and interior designs, elevations, etc.

With so much building experience it is no wonder that we have built such an excellent reputation for custom building, superior workmanship and customer appreciation. To that end, please be assured that we are dedicated to customer care, quality service and making every remodel or new construction experience a pleasant one.

Grandview Home Builders is a Division of Moyer's Construction click here to see the Grandview Home Builders site.