What's the average life span of a garage door opener?
A: An average life span of 8 - 10 years can be expected, although there are operators out there which last as little as 5 years yet as long as 25 years (or more!). If your operator is getting old, consider replacing it with an up-to-date machine with all the latest safety features.

A Perfect Kitchen Recipe:
Avoid Pitfalls
How many kitchens have you been in that had one or more design flaws? If you start taking a serious look at all kitchens, including your own, you will have a great sense of how the perfect kitchen should be designed. Contact the Moyer’s Construction office to start building your dream kitchen in your own home!

Tradition of Excellence

Our motto means what it says. Excellence is no accident. It means fineness, distinction, quality and merit, and that is our tradition or practice here at Moyer’s Construction.

At Moyer’s Construction we take great satisfaction in building quality custom spaces. How is that different from any other home builder? There is great inconsistency between what today’s market calls "quality" and something that will last. At Moyer’s Construction we have taken the past 20 years to form and shape a reputable quality business that will suit your needs.

Moyer’s Construction is a full service company with design and drafting capabilities for any addition, remodel, standard or custom new construction. So whether you are renovating your kitchen, finishing your basement, adding an in-law suite or building your dream home, you can rely on the skills of our dedicated staff.

Moyer’s Construction offers:

  • Complete Design and Drafting Service
    We will help you visualize your ideas and put them in print and blueprint.

  • Design and Decorating Service
    Choose the colors and create a design that won’t come back to haunt you.

  • Finished Basements

  • Custom Kitchen and Built-In Cabinetry
    Milled from rough lumber to a flawless catalyzed varnish finish.

  • Free Estimates and Consultations
    With Personal attention to your needs and your budget.

  • Grandview Home Builders is a Division of Moyer's Construction click here to see the Grandview Home Builders site.